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The Return to Freddy's Saga Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the fan-game series "The Return to Freddy's" created by Tyler Ahlstrom.

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  • edit Torture Lockjaw
    edited by Zephrysc diff
    Added photos:
  • new page Torture Lockjaw
    created by Zephrysc
    New page: Were you looking for: Lockjaw, the original counterpart of Torture Lockjaw? Torture Golden Lockjaw, a Torture suit closely related to Torture...
  • new page Freddy Fazbear
    created by Zephrysc
    New page: Were you looking for: Toy Freddy, his toy animatronic counterpart appearing in TRTF2 and TRTF3's minigames? Golden Freddy/Fredbear and his Torture...
    Added category: Pages with broken file links
    Added photo:

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